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Throughout the world, there are people who are helping people. Very often the people providing the help do not know the real impact their good deeds have had on others. If you want to nominate someone who has been a Mentor to you, someone who has stepped up, helped and guided you, let us know. Send your nomination to Info@EtchYourLife.com

Nominations for January 2020:

Marie Cosgrove

(2 nominations)

Lillian Salazar nominated Marie Cosgrove, as follows:
“Marie sat at my table at the International Maxwell Certification. I was so excited to meet her, felt like I had known her for a long time. She inspired me by her actions and attitude. I felt I couldn't continue moving forward. My feet were very swollen, and it was hard for me to walk. Marie saw the need and immediately acted asking for a wheelchair. She wheeled me the whole weekend, took care of me, wheeled me to the bathroom, to all my meals and served me. One day she called for a wheelchair and there was none left. She took it upon herself and called someone to bring a wheelchair to the hotel. I have never had this kind of service. She went over and beyond to help me and refused payment. I knew in my heart that she was God sent and I believe in my heart that she lives a life of intentionality every day because I follow her, and she gives and helps others. I'm so proud of her and her loving, giving attitude. I am very grateful and thankful for all she does at a very young age. I will never forget when she said I used to wheel my grandmother and do wheelies. She is my inspiration in my life and others. She is the hands and feet of God! Love my little girl!”

Melahni Ake nominated Marie Cosgrove, as follows:
(This is Marie’s second nomination!)
“Marie Cosgrove: A faithful servant leader who helped me think through a process of next steps at a time when I was determined to win and I knew I needed Marie's knowledge and passion to help me build the pieces for my puzzle. She is an inspiration for thousands and is a proven servant leader who has touched my heart.”

Denola Burton

Melahni Ake nominated Denola Burton, as follows:
“Denola practices her beliefs through her authentic spirit. She has a vision to mentor others in such a nurturing way. Her company is Enhanced DNA that stands for Develop, Nurture, Achieve because this is who she is. I could never have opened up my own beliefs about myself until she stepped into my life as a mentor.”

Kelly Ekwurzel

Melahni Ake nominated Kelly Ekwurzel, as follows:
“Kelly has been brought into my life to teach me so many powerful lessons. She has mentored me as simply observing how she has been able to overcome obstacles in her own life with grace. Some mentor us in our physical space, Kelly mentors everyone through her own spirit and helps others believe that "you can do it too"!”

Eric Reid

(2 nominations)

Niloufar Eskandary-Gomez nominated Eric G Reid, as follows:
“Eric is the leader who is like an orchestra conductor who sees and knows what you are capable of and with every question, he brings you closer to your goals. He pushes you like a football coach who sees your potential and knows how to push you to raising the bar every time!”

Melahni Ake nominated Eric G. Reid, as follows:
(This is Eric’s second nomination)
“Eric, wow, where do I begin. He and I have these awesome offline conversations about how to influence the world bigger and how we are designed to serve others. Eric's ability to see the world through possibilities is what I learn most from him and the great thing is he shares his wisdom through a platform that connects and inspires others. He's been a tremendous mentor in my journey!”

Melanie Fusilier

Melahni Ake nominated Melanie Fusilier, as follows:
“From the moment I sat down at the table during my first International Maxwell Certification, I knew there was going to be a change in my life. Melanie and I sat next to each other at our designated table and I have leaned on her for guidance, prayer, direction, feedback, friendship and faithfulness throughout our journey. Watching her make intentional decisions about her life that impact her beliefs encourage me EveryDay to stay on course and trust my process. We are truly soul sisters! #Golikemel “

Dr_Hollie Kelly

Melahni Ake nominated Dr Hollie Kelly, as follows:
“Dr Hollie Kelly was first introduced to me through Eric G. Reid and immediately felt a spiritual connection. Every morning Dr Kelly shares her perspective that inspires me to reach down into my life and challenge my beliefs to do more, expect more and to how to live a life with purposeful balance! She may not even be aware of the influence that she has made, and I am so honored to listen to her wisdom every day.”

Gloria Burgess

Eric G. Reid has nominated Gloria Burgess Speaker, as follows:
"My recommendation is not based on one event or act but her lifetime of service and leadership that I have been blessed to experience personal for the last five years. Gloria first came into my world as a peer leader with John Maxwell. Each week she would be there to provide guidance, support, and encouragement. The moments of transformation and impact Gloria has created in my life are numerous but I will give just a few.
*Standing with her at morning worship and I experience the faith that comes from a lifetime of experience and testing and growth.
*The gift Gloria and her husband John gave to the John Maxwell mentorship team as they walked us through a moving leadership lesson using the Orland Symphony and the power piece Ravel Bolero.
*Watching Gloria and her husband Maestro John Burgessin Paraguay as she dug deep into knowing all she could about the Landfill Harmonic of Cateura Paraguay. Her passion to go alone and go deep to find how she could server others so deeply inspired me to start acting bigger and not fearing going it alone if need be.
*I remember Gloria took time out of a very busy schedule to sit down one-on-one with me and ask me the hard questions I needed to hear to get me unstuck and again focus on my purpose in front of profit. In true Gloria style, she followed up not just once but many times until she was confident I was well on my way to success.
In short, Gloria has touched and transformed my life both professionally, personally, and spiritually. Her touch on my life is echo into everything I do.
Gloria is the spirit of a Tin Can Moment Mentor."

Diane Dick

Chuck Parker nominated Diane Dick, as follows:
“There are a LOT of great mentoring people that I've met in the last year, but I have to thank and nominate the person who started it all for me, Diane Dick. Diane and I worked together a few years back and even then, she taught me a lot about leadership and personal growth. I know I’ve always had the interest, but Diane grabbed my hand and brought me along and introduced me to a fantastic new world of the John Maxwell Team. She gave me the confidence and tools to maintain my path. Thanks Diane - big hugs!”

Gred Storch

Niloufar Eskandary-Gomez nominated Greg Storch, as follows:
“Greg was the first person to introduce personal growth and John Maxwell to me! He inspired me to begin a journey that I never imagined its existence. He is a leader with charisma and enthusiasm that lit the spark of my personal growth!”

Melani Qualls Ake

Niloufar Eskandary-Gomez nominated Melahni Qualls Ake, as follows:

“Melahni is the fairy godmother type of leader who sees your potential and knows how to turn on the lights of the hallways of your brain. These hallways are dormant and lead you to getting better acquainted with the real person you are down deep within you, buried like an unopened treasure chest'."

Misael Diaz

Niloufar Eskandary-Gomez nominated Misael Diaz, as follows:
“Misael is the genuine leader who inspires you through his own life experiences to be better than you were yesterday. He is like the coach that doesn’t like to have any of its players sitting on the bench.”

Edward Reed

Niloufar Eskandary-Gomez nominated Edward Reed, as follows:
“Ed is the leader who leads by example! He walks the walk and talks the talk! He is intentional and helps you stay true to yourself and stay consistent.”

Dennis LaRue Jr

Niloufar Eskandary-Gomez nominated Dennis LaRue Jr., as follows:
“Dennis is a leader that reminds you to always have faith in God and in yourself and in doing so nothing is impossible!”

W Shane McKenzie

Richard Messinger nominated W. Shane McKenzie, as follows:
“Shane has been my business and leadership coach/mentor since March 2019, and he has been there for me every step of the way whenever I have needed him. He immediately finds time to respond to my long-winded texts and e-mails, but most important his wisdom and guidance has been something that has lacked in my life for 35 years. I am grateful and blessed to have W Shane McKenzie in my life! At the March 2019 IMC, John Maxwell made mention that there are coaches and mentors, however those who drag you across the finish line are "Sponsors". Shane is not only a coach/mentor, but he is my sponsor.”

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