Little Things Can Help Improve Your Life

Do you want to improve your attitude? Overcome barriers? It takes time and commitment to make that change.

Bookstores and libraries are packed with books to read on how to improve your attitude.
We at Etch Your Life LLC think that if the change you want to make involves having fun and/or engaging in a subject where you seem to have challenges and want to overcome them, then you will want to participate in at least one or even all of the following:

1. Read “Tin Can Moments!” This book is not a study guide. It’s full of stories from real people about incredible obstacles they overcame and how they did it. There are a variety of situations in the book that cross all ages and people share how they ended up on top.


2. Purchase a special Tin Can Moments® can and discover a unique way to change your attitude, your family’s attitude, church groups, or business groups. Any individual or group of people can work on their attitudes in a special way. Click here to join the groundswell of people who want to join the “war on negative thinking.

3. At Etch Your Life LLC, we are licensed as an International Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer and Public Speaking. We are equipped with tools to understand where you are and where you desire to be and to understand your perspective. Etch Your Life LLC will enable you and your group to grow and improve attitudes through an effective and empowering methodology.


4. Consultation. Whether you, your business, or your organization find yourself in a crossroad and need guidance or encouragement, Etch Your Life LLC can evaluate your situation and provide expert advice. Consultations are free so why not contact us for any of the services listed below.

If you are ready to jump in and become the best possible group working together for a common goal, click on the session below that works for you. Sessions are available in a Lunch & Learn format and/or Workshops that range from half day to full day. Invest in yourself; invest in your people. Find a fit for your group and let’s get started!

All Lunch & Learns and Workshops include the following: Workbooks, pens, water, coffee, snacks. In addition, attendees at a Lunch & Learn have the option to bring their own lunch or pay an additional $8 and we provide a light lunch. Attendees at a half day workshop will be provided with morning muffins/pastries. Attendees at a full day workshop will be provided with morning muffins/pastries as well as a light afternoon snacks. Lunch can be provided for the full day workshop for a negotiated additional cost which depends on the number of attendees. Travel expenses will be negotiated on an individual basis.


5. "I Need An Attitude Adjustment." 
The title of this training speaks for itself!
- Lunch & Learn: One hour, $25 per person or $125 per each table of 6 people.
- Workshop:
Half day: $100 per person or $500 per each table of 6 people.
Full day: $125 per person or $625 per each table of 6 people.
(Minimum of 15 people for a full day)


6. "Team Building and/or Teams in Conflict." 
We foster team communication and structure; important factors that are needed to forge relationships and equip your group with the proper attitude to develop leaders. Our team will work through goal setting and communication exercises. Our goal is to have a positive influence and result for each member which can contribute to an ultimate increase in productivity.
- Lunch & Learn not available for this training.
- Workshop:
Half day: $100 per person or $500 per each table of 6 people.
Full day: $125 per person or $625 per each table of 6 people.
(Must be even number of attendees, minimum of 16)


7. "Skilled Workers – Leaning In."
This training is an experience unlike any other for skilled workers and follows the same premise as a think tank. What is the goal? How will they reach it as a team? Team training for skilled workers is a new approach. Etch Your Life LLC is fortunate to have trainers who are equipped to lead these blue-collar workers toward positive attitudes about the work they do and value the work as teamwork. Blue collar workers are the foundation of our workforce. Leaning In will make sure they know their value and identify their potential.
- Lunch & Learn not available for this training.
- Workshop:
Half day: $100 per person or $500 per each table of 6 people.
Full day: $125 per person or $625 per each table of 6 people.
(Minimum of 15 people for full day)


8. Speaking Engagements/Seminars.
We offer customized “positive attitude” seminars for larger groups of people who have a specific interest in any of the categories listed below. Our seminars are unique in that we include audience participation. They learn a lot about themselves and have fun doing it!

9. Leadership Assessment.
"Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership", Dr. John C. Maxwell.
As a John Maxwell International Certified Leadership Trainer, Sonya Etchemendy is equipped with an exclusive Leadership Assessment tool. Does your company need Leadership Training or an Assessment? Contact Sonya and she can help you answer that question. The cost begins at $1,000 for a group of eight. The time commitment for that size group is 90 minutes. If you have more than 8 people who need this leadership assessment, let’s discuss it!


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