School Time Cans



Is $10 per student too much to invest when there is an opportunity to help students improve their attitude in a fun way? The small cans pictured here were made to order! The school wanted neon colored cans for the students and one of our larger cans for their school mascot. We even provided nutrition labels on each can showing the benefits when a student focuses on good things versus the negative. Each of the student cans, after the school has chosen a design, comes with a starter pad and pencil, a memory pouch and an instruction booklet for the parent. Yes, the parents are included in the process. We will follow your school district rules and regulations as it relates to obtaining approval to bring the School Time Cans into your school. We prefer to meet with the superintendant first and then with the school principal to go over process; however, if your district prefers a different path, we will follow. Etch Your Life LLC will provide free training for the teachers and be available for consultation throughout the process. This process will be tailored to fit the school’s internal measurement of success already in place. The minimum number of cans to purchase is 40 for a bulk price of $400. To help your school fund the purchase of the cans, Etch Your Life LLC will assist the school in coordinating a fundraiser or having local businesses partner in a “Sponsor a Student” campaign. In our book, “Living a Life of Tin Can Moments”, an entire chapter is devoted to what happens when youth use their creativity in the process of focusing on daily positive things and letting go of the negative. It’s our youth who will change the world. Contact us for a free consultation.


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