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There is a limited number of these seasonal cans. Each can has a special number printed on the can. Inside the can you will find a process that can change your attitude toward everyday issues. In the book “Living a Life of Tin Can Moments”, you will read about the stained-glass window design of the can and how it played a key role in changing the life of a 10-year-old little girl. It represents her first tin can moment. Today, you can purchase this can for your friends, family, couples, any organization who wants to focus on one good thing everyday to develop a habit of thinking positive and letting go of the negative. Included in the can is a simple to follow instruction guide, a pen printed with our logo, and a memory bag. Buy your can now and place it under your Christmas tree. The process should start on January 1st and end the following year on December 31st. Yes, the process will take a year to complete but you only have to do one small thing each day with the can. It has been proven that when the can is opened on New Year’s Eve next year, you will laugh. You will cry, happy tears. You will find out things you were not aware of; good, positive things! You, your family, or any group will develop a habit of focusing on the good things and leaving the negative behind as you go through the year capturing your tin can moments. Don’t hesitate. Order today.

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4 reviews for Limited Edition
Annual Christmas Can

  1. Diane Dick (verified owner)

    LOVE MY TIN CAN! Since receiving it earlier in the year, it has been the perfect resource to help me stay in a place of gratitude through such a crazy year! It has helped me be more mindful of the good in my life and in the world. Our mentor John Maxwell says, “ where your focus goes, your energy flows.” As I reflect on the blessings in my life, I avoid allowing negativity into my thoughts. This process of gratitude has been instrumental in my peace and happiness even when the world around me is out of control. Thank you Sonya for writing this book and creating this amazing TIN CAN!

  2. Melanie Fusilier

    As a family we are chomping at the bit with excitement and anticipation of opening our Tin can moments on New Years! This year has been a crazy year to say the least and we have been so grateful to have this can as the center of our family dinner times. It has made us intentionally focus on the positive things we do have, the people in our lives and the circumstances in which we live. My daughter is a first grader and she has had many transitions from at home learning, back to in person, then a teacher change, and now back home! I believe having the Tin can moments can has helped her to focus on the good in all of that change when she could have easily focused on the negative. I see them making comments even throughout the day, when they are finding tin can moments, even in difficult circumstances and I am so proud of them! My kids, my husband and I truly have an attitude of gratitude in one of the most difficult times we have faced and we are so grateful for these Tin Can Moments!!

  3. Lynn Kelly Ekwurzel

    A couple months ago I received a “Tin Can Moments” book and a Christmas can. I have loved reading the book and getting to know Sonya Etchemendy, the author. If you have not gotten the book or the can, I encourage you to do so.
    My can itself sits on top of my microwave near the pass through to my living room and I noticed this morning that the package of napkins I purchased for a Christmas event (a left-over package) was propped up next to it. I have been using calendar pages to write my moments on …the one in front of the can was there waiting for me to write the next daily “Moment”. Love and joy filled my heart when I saw it. Thank you, Sonya, for creating this wonderful way for us to express our love daily.

  4. Eric G. Reid

    I got my tin can .. yesterday ..THANK YOU
    Getting the final product in my hand was so surreal.
    I am sure you had many of the same feelings.
    That was a golden TCM for me.
    Thinking back to that moment when together we heard “live a life of tin can moments” then seeing it in print in the booklet (in the correct font style 🙂 froze me and should me just how real “ideas to reality” are.
    You, Sonya took something from an online conversation into reality. You Sonya said this can be a real thing – and did not let how stop you. You Sonya said I have to ignore the setback and focus on the vision. You lived out every teaching in Think and Grow Rich at such a perfectly high level just froze me in that realization.
    Seeing you Live out you dream of a Tin Can Moments and watching the impact you are having with school kids and others fills me with so much deep joy.
    I often think of how someone for the first time might get to understand that life does hold tin can moments for each and everyone of us, we only need to look for them .
    Know you are also teaching others how we can create a tin can moment in someone’s life fills make my heart leap.
    When I talk about knowing your worthiness.. it is just what you created.. knowing you are worthy of a life of tin can moments.
    Sonya I am so very proud of you and how in spite of all the setbacks you made it happen.
    Thank you for inspiring and lighting the world with our awesomeness.

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