The Inspiration Behind Tin Can Moments®

About the Author

Sonya Etchemendy is the Founder and CEO of Etch Your Life LLC, and an international certified speaker, trainer and business consultant. Sonya was born in California, raised in Arkansas, and lived out her government career in Boston, Massachusetts. She earned a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), but she says her greatest knowledge came from the experiences she gained from interactions with people and organizations starting from her first job and continuing through today. Sonya started out, as many do, at the ground floor and worked her way to the top. Today, as a volunteer chaplain with Baptist Medical Center-North, she is living out her dream and purpose to simply add value to others. Sonya currently lives in Arkansas with her husband, Dennis. She has two children, three grandchildren, three dogs and lots of patience.


Tin Can Moments®

When Sonya started writing “Tin Can Moments”, she thought the story began with her husband, Dennis, in 2012, as they began to work on and document their attitudes toward negative situations by dropping notes into an old tin can. As she wrote, she discovered her first tin can moment actually took place when she was 10 years old. She did not have a piece of paper to write it on or a tin can to put it in. As you read Sonya’s and others’ stories in this book, you will see the impact of what happens when a person lets go of the negative and recognizes the positive in every situation, on any given day, no matter how bad the day. Sonya, along with the people who share their stories in this book, believes tin can moments is the beginning of a “war on negative thinking.” This book is for people who are prepared to change their attitude, recognize the power of faith and want to overcome any obstacle. So, get ready to DREAM BIG! Reading “Tin Can Moments” will place you in a groundswell of people who start growing in a positive direction and will be unstoppable in becoming the best possible version of themselves!