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The Beginning of a Tradition

In 2012, Sonya and her husband Dennis started a process that would become known as Tin Can Moments and a tradition for their family. It was a tough year. Sonya needed to find a way to stop focusing on the negative; to create a process that would help her and Dennis focus on the positive.

They started by writing notes about “good things” to each other every day and placing those notes in an old tin can. At the end of the first year, they gathered the notes from inside the tin can, read them, then placed the notes in zip locked bags. They repeated this process every year. As Sonya thought back through her life, she realized she had many tin can moments while growing up but just did not know what to call them until now. In her book, “Living a Life of Tin Can Moments”, read her amazing story, along with stories of others who have overcome great obstacles to develop a good attitude and to keep their faith strong. Sonya discovered a formula for creating positive thinking and has incorporated it into workshops through her business Etch Your Life LLC. Look at our world today. So much negativity being focused on. Sonya feels her book is a war on negative thinking! There is a groundswell of people who want to change the negative over to positive thinking and actions. One can always find at least one “good thing” each day if they have the right tools. Sometimes it's not easy but if you want to change your mindset to a positive, it's worth the journey. Dig deep into this website and discover how Etch Your Life LLC and Tin Can Moments® have joined forces to create a powerful way for everyone to live a life of tin can moments through the attitude they choose and their Faith.

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A Stained-Glass Window and a Tin Can Moment®

In the book, “Living a Life of Tin Can Moments”, you will read about an amazing moment that happened when Sonya was 10 years old.  She was clinging to her grandmother, tears flowing while sitting under an old stained-glass window in her grandmother’s living room. It was Sonya’s grandmother who created Sonya’s first tin can moment on that day. The abuse Sonya had been experiencing stopped and she learned about Jesus. That stained-glass window memory has stayed with Sonya for 60 years and despite the facts that over the years the stained-glass window survived a tornado, a fire and years of weather wear, today that same stained-glass window is installed in Sonya’s home.  It’s over 100 years old. The full story in the book is motivating and beautiful. When Sonya started designing the annual Christmas can, she knew the can design had to have the image of her grandmother’s stained-glass window because the Christmas can was all about a person’s attitude and strong faith to overcome obstacles.  Below are photos of the stained-glass window discussed in the story.  The colors change depending on how much sun is coming through the window. See the rose, green, lilac and black? Sonya chose to use the rose color for the Christmas can since that was the color of the window 60 years ago when she had her first tin can moment.  Just like the stained-glass window changes colors depending on the angle of the sun, our attitude changes based on our choices.  The tin can moment process is a way for you to stop focusing on the negative and instead, focus on the positive. Join the movement for you, your friends and family to let go and start living a life of tin can moments.